5 Common Pool Fence Mistakes to Avoid

Frameless glass pool fencing around a pool area

A private swimming pool is a fantastic addition to your home, providing endless hours of fun and relaxation during the warmer seasons. Barbeques, family gatherings, and celebrations are often spent around the pool making lifelong memories. However, having a pool comes with a significant responsibility…to ensure the safety of everyone who uses it, in particular, […]

Perforated Pool Fencing In Landscape Design

Perforated pool fencing around a pool in the country

Perforated pool fencing has emerged as a transformative element in modern landscape design, blending safety and visual aesthetics seamlessly. This pool fencing material is helping to shape outdoor areas with a combination of style and functionality. Aesthetic Appeal Gone are the days of installing pool fences that are an eyesore – perforated fencing balances safety […]

A Guide To Aluminium Batten Pool Fencing

Slimline batten fence next to pool

Aluminium batten pool fences are an extremely visually elegant option for homeowners who are looking to create a feature area of the home without compromising on durability and low maintenance qualities. What Is Batten Pool Fencing? Aluminium batten pool fences are a sleek, durable pool fencing alternative that have gained popularity among Perth homeowners in […]

The Benefits of Perforated Pool Fencing

A pool with a perforated pool fence in the country

Perforated pool fencing is an alternative to frameless glass and traditional aluminium pool fences growing in popularity for homeowners across Perth. What is Perforated Pool Fencing? Perforated pool fencing is a pool fencing option that has grown in popularity in recent times. Constructed from marine-grade aluminium, perforated pool fencing has transparency properties similar to those […]

Understanding Western Australia’s Pool Fencing Regulations

aluminium tubular pool fencing

Western Australia’s pool fencing regulations are incredibly complex and detailed, but having a basic understanding of how you can be compliant is vital. Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to all the regulations. It is a summary of important regulations. To view the regulations in their entirety, click here. Why […]

Factors To Consider Before Installing Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

frameless glass pool fence

Frameless glass pool fencing is modern and practical when compared to other fencing options – but careful consideration of some essential factors before you commit to an installation at your home is crucial. What Is Frameless Glass Pool Fencing? As the name suggests, frameless glass pool fences are a style of protective pool fence that […]

How to Keep Your Pool Clean and Safe All Year Round

Frameless glass pool fencing

A swimming pool is a great asset to your home, especially in those hot, summer months. Yet, as we all know, a swimming pool is very rarely used all year round, often staying dormant and untouched in those cold, winter months. Even though not in use for part of the year, you should still be […]

Your Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Pool Fence

Frameless glass pool fencing around a pool area

Choosing a glass pool fence for your pool can be hard. After all, you will ideally be in the market for something that’s both safe and fits the style of your home and backyard. Affordability is an attractive bonus, too. Pool fences play a very important role in keeping everyone safe not only when the […]

How to Keep Your Pool Water Healthy and Hygienic

Clean Pool water

There’s more to a pool than a quick, refreshing dip, a relaxing wade or all-day fun, all-summer long. Your pool requires year-round maintenance, to not only keep it looking good, but keep it healthy and hygienic. Want to know how to keep your pool water healthy and hygienic? Find out how it’s possible with Clear […]

Identifying and Preventing 4 Pool Dangers

Caution sign

Everybody deserves to feel safe and relaxed around the pool, especially now as the temperature heats up. Naturally, there are risks associated with swimming in, playing in and being around water, regardless of age and swimming capabilities. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to prevent these pool dangers. Want to know 4 pool dangers […]