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Factors To Consider Before Installing Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless glass pool fencing is modern and practical when compared to other fencing options – but careful consideration of some essential factors before you commit to an installation at your home is crucial.

What Is Frameless Glass Pool Fencing?

As the name suggests, frameless glass pool fences are a style of protective pool fence that is installed with the use of ground mounted spigots opposed to frames or posts used by other fencing options. Glass pool fence panels are low maintenance, durable and relatively easy to install. Frameless glass pool fences have incredible aesthetic appeal in any outdoor space, particularly for homeowners who are bound by law to secure their domestic swimming pools. Frameless glass fencing, provided it is installed correctly, complies with safety regulations in Western Australia and provides an unobstructed view of your pool area while maintaining the utmost safety.

Benefits of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

There are a range of long term benefits for any homeowner who chooses to install a frameless glass pool fence at their property.


The most pronounced benefit of frameless glass pool fencing is the modern aesthetic and visual appeal it adds to any pool area. Due to the transparency of the fixture, the fencing seamlessly blends into outdoor areas within your home, while the high visibility allows for increased safety.


Not only does your frameless glass fence look brilliant, but it provides your swimming pool with a much-needed safety barrier – aiding in the protection of small children and family pets. The unobstructed views thanks to transparency of glass fencing also helps in giving you peace of mind that you can see into the pool area when people are swimming, adding another level of protection.

Low Maintenance

In comparison to metal or wooden fences, glass fencing is far easier to clean and maintain. Metal fences are prone to corrosion and rust, while wood can be eaten away by termites or rot naturally. One of the reasons frameless glass is the most popular choice for new installation is the lack of regular maintenance it requires.

By installing frameless glass pool fencing, you won’t need to worry about applying anti-rust solutions or regularly repainting the fixture. With a simple wipe down with a soft cloth every once in a while to remove water spots, you can keep your pool fence looking tidy and brand new.


Another benefit of frameless glass pool fencing is its durability. When compared with wood and metal, both of which are susceptible to deterioration, the lifespan of glass fencing is far longer. Due to the fence panels being made from tempered glass, they are also scratch resistant and can withstand most extreme weather conditions and impacts without fear of shattering.

Factors To Consider Before Installing A Frameless Glass Pool Fence

There are numerous external factors that should be considered before a decision is made to install a frameless glass pool fence in your home.


Although glass pool fencing is the most popular and debatably the best-looking type of pool fencing, it does come at an elevated cost. Generally, glass fencing carries greater upfront costs when compared to other options like aluminium or wooden fencing, so being financially prepared is crucial. The installation costs will also vary depending on the size of your pool area, how many panels are required, how many gates are needed and the desired height of the fence.

Quality Of Glass

The quality of the glass is critical to both the safety and the functionality of the pool fence. Your pool fence panels should always be purchased through a certified supplier such as Clear Choice Pool Fencing. The toughened glass used for pool fencing is generally at least 12mm thick, dependant on style, meaning it is extremely tough to break. Should a glass pool fence happen to break, the glass will not shatter, instead breaking into small cubes with fine sharp edges aiding in the overall safety should this occur. Utilising high quality materials for your pool fence installation plays a significant role in ensuring structural integrity and a high level of pool safety.

Style Of Fence

The style of glass fence should also be considered before an installation project is undertaken. Some homeowners prefer completely transparent glass panels, which allows for more natural light and creates a spacious feel to the outdoor area. Other people will prefer an opaque or frosted glass surface affording a greater level of privacy to the pool area.

Additional considerations regarding the style of fence include the size of the fence panels, the amount of gates required and the type of hardware preferred. It is recommended that stainless steel hardware is used to mitigate the effects of corrosion.


The safety features of your pool fence application is crucial to consider before choosing to install one in your home. All glass sourced for the use in your pool fence installation must pass all required Australian safety standards.

Height & Width of Fence

The standard height of pool fences is generally 1200mm high, however width of panels varies by design. Most frameless glass pool fence applications utilise panels between 850mm – 2000mm wide. Regardless of the style of fence you choose, it must be at least 1200mm high to ensure compliance with Australian standards. It is also a good idea to check regulations and guidelines of your council, making sure your fence is compliant with local by-laws.


When planning out your pool fence, you must ensure the gate is designed to open away from the pool. The gate should also close and latch on its own when let go from any open position. This ensures kids are unable to simply push the gate open when they want to. Ideally, young children should not be able to reach the gate latch. The gate should also be designed in such a way that it is possible to fix a key lock, for when the children get old enough to figure out how to operate the latch.


Australia’s pool fencing regulations are quite strict and for good reason. Despite water safety being a large part of the Australian lifestyle, hundreds of drownings still occur annually. Sadly, a large portion of these drownings are children. Regardless of the style of pool fence that you decide to install at your home, you should always ensure that it is compliant with the Australian safety laws and regulations. At the time of writing, the national standard for pool fencing is AS1926.1 (2012). You can read about the regulations in more detail here.

Other Considerations

Measuring The Site

Measuring your site is a crucial step in the installation process and can significantly impact the success of the project. Here are a few tips for measuring your site.

  • Recommended distance from the edge of the pool is at least 1300mm. For fences closer than 1300mm – “earthing” must be considered.
  • Check for underground cables and pipes when core drilling
  • For the best-looking finish, aim to use as many of the same sized panels as possible
  • Use a steel tape measure to ensure correct measurements are taken
  • If fixing your fence to pavers, a concrete footing must be formed underneath, and the pavers re-cemented to the footing.

Tools Required

Some basic tools will be required in order to complete the frameless glass fence installation.

  • Steel tape measure
  • String or chalk line
  • Core driller (for core drill applications)
  • Hammer drill (for base plate applications)
  • Spirit level
  • Allen keys
  • Mats or blankets to rest glass panels on

Safe Glass Handling

Handling glass should be done with extreme care and caution. Here are some recommended guidelines to follow:

  • Ensure there is sufficient space to manoeuvre the glass
  • Check the weight of the panels prior to lifting – if it’s too heavy, call for assistance
  • Use a safe lifting posture
  • Glass should be kept upright and movement smooth when lifting, to avoid flexing
  • PPE equipment should be used including; non-slip gloves, steel cap boots, safety glasses, suction cups for large glass panels & tight-fitting clothing to prevent catches and snags.

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