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Identifying and Preventing 4 Pool Dangers

Everybody deserves to feel safe and relaxed around the pool, especially now as the temperature heats up. Naturally, there are risks associated with swimming in, playing in and being around water, regardless of age and swimming capabilities.

Fortunately, there are measures you can take to prevent these pool dangers.

Want to know 4 pool dangers and how to prevent them for peace of mind and poolside fun?

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Dirty water

The health of your pool water is paramount to the health of everybody who uses your pool.

If unmaintained, pool water can become a danger.

Why? Because it will often contain:

  • Algae
  • Bacteria
  • And other nasty microorganisms.

Dirty pool water can make you, your family and guests quite unwell, falling victim to anything from skin irritation and infections to the eyes, ears, nose and throat.

The solution

The best way to prevent dirty pool water is to test regularly and to keep it clean with the right chemicals.

You’ll need:

  • Testing strips
  • Sanitisers
  • Oxidisers
  • pH balancers.

Keep your swimmers safe and your pool looking beautiful by maintaining healthy pool water.

Decks, ladders and stairs

It’s not just inside the pool you need to have your wits about. How many times did you hear: “no running on the deck” or “no running around the pool,” growing up?

Parents, guardians and lifeguards didn’t just warn you to ruin your fun – it was to keep you safe.

Pool decks get wet and sometimes covered with algae, becoming slippery and increasing the risks of falls, slips and trips. Lead by example and remind children to walk, not run, around the pool area.

Inside the pool, steps and ladders can become slippery with algae, too, if water isn’t chemically maintained.

The solution

Pressure wash your pool deck once a year and consider adding a sealant to make it more slip resistant. Add algaecide to your water to clear algae off steps and ladders.

Electrical elements

Electricity and water = a hazardous situation. Lights, electric pumps and filters that aren’t installed properly or operating efficiently is a poolside danger.

The solution

Ensure all metal pieces installed within a metre of the water line is bonded with a ground loop, and electrical elements inside the pool (such as pool lights) are connected with a ground fault interrupter.

Above all, don’t attempt to do the electrical work yourself, always hire a professional electrician.

Pool toys

Pool toys, particularly the large floating ones can on rare occasions become dangerous if/when they flip over unexpectedly and trap young, inexperienced (or even experienced) swimmers.

The solution

Limit the number of pool toys in use when people are swimming and keep a watchful eye, as you always would, on kids and inexperienced swimmers.

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