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Why Do I Need a Temporary Pool Fence?

Legally, temporary pool fencing is required once a new pool is installed and starts being filled with water. For fibreglass pools, this means the day they are installed, as they would usually begin filling the pool straight away.

For concrete pools that may take longer to get finished, it’s a good idea to erect a temporary fence earlier than later – this can prevent falls while the pool is under construction.

It’s not just required and safer, it will give you peace of mind whilst awaiting paving, landscaping, and permanent pool fencing.

About our Temporary Pool Fencing Service

We charge an initial setup fee for the first month, then a standard fee for each additional month or part thereof. Pick up is available from our Wangara warehouse, with delivery available at a small additional cost, depending on your location.

We offer a special rate for clients also getting frameless pool fencing from Clear Choice Pool Fencing.

Our Temporary Pool Fencing.

Panels are 2300 x 1350 high, and we supply plastic feet and joiner clamps required with each panel. We also offer panels for sale as well.

temporary pool fencing
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