A pool with a perforated pool fence in the country

The Benefits of Perforated Pool Fencing

Perforated pool fencing is an alternative to frameless glass and traditional aluminium pool fences growing in popularity for homeowners across Perth.

What is Perforated Pool Fencing?

Perforated pool fencing is a pool fencing option that has grown in popularity in recent times. Constructed from marine-grade aluminium, perforated pool fencing has transparency properties similar to those of glass alternatives, without requiring frequent cleaning. Perforated pool fencing can easily be powder coated in a range of colours, or printed with custom patterns highlighting it’s flexibility in terms of design. For homeowners who would prefer a decorative touch or some extra privacy, this pool fencing option can be customised with bespoke patterns to suit your desires.

The Benefits of Perforated Pool Fencing

There are a range of reasons as to why a homeowner may choose perforated pool fencing over its counterparts. Let’s explore some of the benefits this pool fencing option can provide you.


Perforated pool fencing is compliant with the highest Australian Safety Standards – AS1926.1, meaning it is certified by local councils to be used as pool fencing. Secure your pool area for years to come with a sleek and stylish pool fencing installation.

Australian Pool Safety Standard AS1926.1 is a national standard outlining the requirements for the performance, design and construction of pool fences in Australia. The standard exists to maintain a high level of safety when concerned with swimming pools, particularly for young children. Our perforated fencing is tested and compliant to all relevant safety standards, allowing it to be used viably for fencing off your pool area. The perforations measure 9mm in diameter, ensuring that children are unable to gain any leverage to climb the fence.


Constructed from non-corrosive, marine-grade aluminium our perforated fencing offers unrivalled durability to stand the test of time in harsh Australian conditions. While traditional aluminium tubular and batten fencing options offer similar durability, perforated pool fencing does so with a far more aesthetically pleasing finish.

The fence panels are incredibly corrosion-resistant due to the marine-grade aluminium they are made from. Your perforated fencing will be able to withstand it all – from pouring rain, hailstorms and extreme winds to rough contact.


Similarly to glass, perforated pool fencing is entirely see through thanks to the small holes throughout the panels. This allows you to have a complete view of your pool and surrounding area, providing a level of safety for your friends and family that is comparable to glass.


Increased airflow is a particularly important benefit of perforated pool fencing during Perth’s dry summers. The perforations not only enhance the aesthetics of the fence, but allow for increased circulation of air. An increase in circulation reduces the build up of heat in your pool area, making it more comfortable – something that is particularly important during one of our infamous heatwaves.

Low Maintenance

Unlike glass pool fencing, perforated fencing is extremely low maintenance while offering a similar level of visibility. Perforated pool fencing can’t be clouded by fingerprints, residues and splash marks, reducing the amount of time you’ll spend cleaning. Due to the marine-grade aluminium perforated fencing is constructed from, it is not prone to rust and does not require treatments or regular cleaning to maintain its appearance long-term.

How Much Does Perforated Pool Cost?

Perforated pool fencing is relatively similar in cost to glass pool fencing. Our perforated products start at $330 per metre for those who are looking for a DIY installation. To have your perforated pool fence fully supplied and installed, our pricing starts from $480 per metre.

There are many variables at play when planning your unique pool fencing project, so if you’re unsure about what you need, it is recommended to get in touch with our expert team to provide a plan and we can deliver an accurate quote for your project.

Why Choose Clear Choice Pool Fencing?

With industry experience since 2002, Clear Choice Pool Fencing is a family owned and run business with a focus on providing exquisite service and high-quality pool fencing installations. We do not use any sub-contractors and our service team takes great care in your project to ensure your complete satisfaction with the end result.

We are members of the Master Builders Association, The Swimming Pool and Spa Association of WA (SPASA WA) and are certified applicators of EnduroShield coatings. At Clear Choice Pool Fencing, we pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of industry, utilising only the best materials available.

When you choose a pool fence installation by Clear Choice, you can rest assured knowing we are committed to providing a solution that meets your requirements and stands the tests of time.