Slimline batten fence next to pool

A Guide To Aluminium Batten Pool Fencing

Aluminium batten pool fences are an extremely visually elegant option for homeowners who are looking to create a feature area of the home without compromising on durability and low maintenance qualities.

What Is Batten Pool Fencing?

Aluminium batten pool fences are a sleek, durable pool fencing alternative that have gained popularity among Perth homeowners in recent times. Batten fences are lightweight yet incredibly strong, constructed from marine grade aluminium for corrosion resistance, and are highly durable. Batten pool fences are a low maintenance option for homeowners, with the clean, straight lines of the battens making them a favourite for creating a contemporary, minimalist feel to any pool area.

Slimline aluminium batten pool fences from Clear Choice Pool Fencing are available in both black and white powder coated finishes, allowing homeowners to seamlessly incorporate batten fencing in a range of landscape designs. For larger pool areas where frameless glass can’t be used around the whole perimeter, aluminium batten fencing is a great complementary selection.

Benefits of Batten Pool Fencing

Aluminium batten pool fencing provides a wide range of benefits to those who install it, making it a highly popular option among Perth homeowners.

Aesthetic Appeal

Vertical batten fencing effectively combines functionality with contemporary design. The vertical battens help to create an elegant sense of height and space, highlighting one of the reasons why Perth property owners are opting to install this modern choice.


Known for its corrosion resistance properties, aluminium batten fencing ensures your pool fencing remains strong and safe over many years. This durability makes batten fencing a reliable choice for homeowners as the fences are engineered to withstand the Australian climate.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance is one of the primary benefits of installing aluminium batten pool fencing. These fences require minimal upkeep, with semi-regular cleaning with mild soap and water generally sufficient in keeping them looking new. This saves you time and effort compared to some alternative pool fencing materials requiring more rigorous maintenance.


More traditional pool fence materials, such as glass, offer limited privacy when compared to an aluminium batten style. This type of fencing is designed to ensure a degree of privacy with a modernised design. The closely spaced battens provide a layer of seclusion without compromising on aesthetic appeal.


While the initial installation cost of aluminium batten pool fencing may be higher than some alternatives, the long term durability and low maintenance requirements generally offset the upfront costs. This makes aluminium batten pool fencing a cost-effective choice over the lifespan of the fence.


Aluminium batten pool fencing is designed to adhere to all relevant pool fencing regulations across Western Australia. This means your batten fence provides an effective and reliable barrier to your pool area, preventing unwanted access to the pool area and enhancing the overall safety of the outdoor space and property.

Transform Your Pool Area With Clear Choice Pool Fencing

At Clear Choice Pool Fencing, we specialising in providing modern and functional pool fences to the homes of Perth residents. Over the past 20 years, we have established ourselves as a highly reputable fencing contractor, taking great pride in delivering effective, custom-made pool fencing solutions which don’t break the bank.

We use only the best glass and aluminium fencing products available, ensuring you are able to enjoy your outdoor area virtually maintenance-free for years to come. Maintaining our reputation for quality and affordability is a primary objective for us, and our professional team is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. To get your pool fencing project underway, reach out to us today!