Clean Pool water

How to Keep Your Pool Water Healthy and Hygienic

There’s more to a pool than a quick, refreshing dip, a relaxing wade or all-day fun, all-summer long.

Your pool requires year-round maintenance, to not only keep it looking good, but keep it healthy and hygienic.

Want to know how to keep your pool water healthy and hygienic? Find out how it’s possible with Clear Choice Pool Fencing below.

Regularly test water chemistry

To avoid algae and bacteria, you need to conduct regular tests of your water’s chemical balance.

A good point of call is this – let’s say you use your pool frequently in summer (twice or more weekly), this calls for testing at least twice per week.

Skin irritation and sickness can result from a pool’s chemical balance that is either too high or too low.

The right balance equals safe, healthy and hygienic water.

Here are key terms to note:

  • Alkalinity

When you have balanced alkalinity in your pool water this helps maintain proper pH levels. Checking alkalinity levels will deter rust and cloudy water.

  • Chemicals and sanitisers

Sanitisers like bromine, chlorine and cyanuric acid help prevent algae growth and other unwanted and unhealthy bacteria from infiltrating and contaminating your pool water.

  • The right pH balance

pH measures how base or acidic your pool water truly is. If too acidic, equipment like rails can get corroded, rusting into water. Too base and you get cloudy water.

Other important considerations

Did you know that some germs, such as cryptosporidium, are resistant to chlorine? Stay tuned for healthy habits down below to reduce the health risks that it could pose.

Another important thing to consider is regularly maintaining your pump and filtration system.

Why do this?

  • If unmaintained for too long will reduce their effectiveness to backwash and filter debris.
  • This will attract bugs, mould and other unwanted materials.
  • So, keep that water flowing by backwashing your pool filter or changing its cartridge.

Keep your pool maintenance consistent throughout the months.

Healthy habits we all can implement before and during pool use

We’ve compiled a list of 4 healthy habits we all should stick to when it comes to pool use.

Here they are:

1.Don’t swallow the water – remind children of this.

Yes, the chemicals keep you safe, but they most definitely should not be ingested.

2.Shower before entering the pool and naturally, after too.

Why? To remove oils, dirt etc that might be on your body that could end up in the pool

3.Don’t go to the toilet in the pool – again, remind children of this.

4.Avoid swimming if you’re sick.

Gastrointestinal illnesses and countless of other ones can easily spread through pool water.

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