Frameless glass pool fencing around a pool area

Your Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Pool Fence

Choosing a glass pool fence for your pool can be hard. After all, you will ideally be in the market for something that’s both safe and fits the style of your home and backyard. Affordability is an attractive bonus, too.

Pool fences play a very important role in keeping everyone safe not only when the pool is in use, but when it isn’t.

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The important considerations to make

Choosing a pool fence is a crucial, long term decision for the functionality (and legality) of your pool.

As such, consider these things before buying just any old pool fence:

  • The size of your pool and pool area
    Smaller pools and designated pool areas will benefit more from glass pool fencing in Perth due to this style’s ability to create unobstructed views and the illusion of more space.
  • The positioning of your pool
    Did you know that your home’s location has a lot of impact on the pool fence you should choose? For instance, coastal areas or living up ‘in the hills’ will need tough, durable pool fencing due to there being more wind.
  • The positioning of your pool fence
    Anyone with kids will know how clever and quick they can be to get into places they’re not allowed. Make sure your pool fence isn’t near any barbeques, table or chairs, limestones walls and the like, to prevent climbing kids.
  • The style factor
    Will your pool fence complement your existing (or intended) garden, pool and the exterior of your home’s design?
  • Adherence to regulations
    Strict Australian Standards must be adhered to when it comes to your pool fence placement. For example, pool fence doors/gates must open out from the pool.

All of the above, and especially adherence to the Australian Standards is achievable when choosing a reputable pool fence company.

What are the pool fence styles to choose from?

So, you’ve done your research on the positioning, regulations, size of the pool area and so forth, now it’s time for the fun part – choosing the best pool fence to suit your back (or front) yard.

The pool fence styles to choose from:

All pool fencing options are loved for different reasons but let us show you why so many people are turning to and enjoying the benefits of glass pool fencing for their pools.

Glass pool fencing

Why should you choose glass pool fencing for your pool?

Here’s why:

  • It’s a contemporary, aesthetically pleasing pool fence style that provides seamless, unobstructed views.
  • Glass pool fences act as a barrier against wind (which is important for living in ‘the hills’ or on the coast.
  • Finally, glass is exceptionally safe and there’s simply no way that kids and pets can squeeze through.

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