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Your Guide to DIY Glass Pool Fencing

In the era of how-to videos and easy online instructions, the do-it-yourself (DIY) craze isn’t looking to disappear anytime soon.

That means DIY glass pool fencing is very possible, if you have the guidance and products from the glass pool fencing Perth experts, that is.

Ready to experience the beautiful functionality of glass pool fencing that you put up yourself?

Read more from the glass pool fencing Perth specialists at Clear Choice Pool Fencing for your DIY installation guide.

What you need for DIY glass pool fencing

As with everything DIY, you’ll need to be well prepared with your tools and equipment before getting started. After all, you wouldn’t start baking a cake if you weren’t 100% you had all of the ingredients.

Here’s what you’ll need for your DIY glass pool fencing project:

  • Glass panels – arguably the most important component!
  • 1 x or more gates,
  • Hinges and a latch for said gate(s),
  • Something to hold the glass off the ground/support it – be it spigots or posts, and
  • Potentially a way to brace your panels together – like a top rail or glass brace brackets.

Where can you get the above products for the job?

At Clear Choice Pool Fencing, we’re able to supply you with all the high-quality pool fencing products you need at a competitively priced rate.

We’re here to work with you and provide the answers to any questions and the right, cost-effective products so you can happily and confidently get on with your DIY glass pool fencing project.

However, before you start, it’s worth considering some points when it comes to the design and requirements of your Perth glass pool fence.

What you need to consider for glass pool fencing

You want a glass pool fence of frameless glass pool fence because they’re effortlessly stylish, secure and a superb addition to your outdoor area.

There’s no more need to consider why you want one. However, there’s other points to consider, especially when it comes to DIY glass pool fencing.

What are they?

Another thing to remember is you’re not thrown into the deep end with DIY glass pool fencing.

Clear Choice Pool Fencing are the glass pool fencing Perth experts, ready to help you with as much or as little glass or frameless glass pool fencing help you require.

There’s a Clear Choice for effortlessly stylish, incredibly affordable and high-quality secure pool fencing and that’s glass pool fencing from Clear Choice.

Need help with all things glass pool fencing Perth? Contact Clear Choice Pool Fencing today for DIY tips, maintenance, or the full supply and install of your glass pool fence.