Pool with garden surrounds

Best Swimming Pool Shapes

Swimming pools come in many sizes and styles. Some are used for specific purposes like lap pools for fitness and health, infinity pools for relaxation, and novelty pools that express the owner’s interests and personality.

Before we come out to install your Perth frameless pool fence you must decide on what pool shape you want.

There are many factors that will influence the shape of your pool. These include the size of your lot, available space, budget, safety codes, the design of your home, sun exposure, and how you intend to use it. Below are the most common shapes for pools, along with variations within each one.

Considerations for selecting a pool shape

Certain shapes are better suited for specific features, elements, space considerations and functionality issues.

These are questions that will help you make informed decisions about your pool shape.

  • How large of a pool do you desire? How much of your outdoor space are you willing to give it?
  • How will it be placed in the backyard? What kind or style of hardscape do want?
  • How big is your desired patio and deck area?
  • What are you goals for landscape enhancements?
  • Are you planning to include other outdoor features like fire pits, decking and outdoor kitchens in your backyard?
  • Who will use your pool the most: Adults Children?
  • What are their ages?
  • Does anyone have mobility problems in the family?
  • What types of activities will they be able to engage in– lap-swimming, leisure use?
  • How deep does your pool need to go?  What is the overall style of your pool?
  • What kinds of decorative and structural features do you desire for your pool?
  • Are you looking at options such as fountains or rock waterfalls?
  • What functional features or accessories, such slides, diving boards and tanning ledges? Glass pool fencing?
  • Is it possible to use a pool covering?
  •   What is your pool project budget?
  • Is it possible to sell your home within a few years?
  • Is this the typical shape of the pool in the neighbourhood?


Local building regulations might also influence the shape options. Your pool builder should review any regulations and be able to identify which shapes might pose challenges in ensuring regulatory compliance.

Rectangular pools

Rectangular pools that have perfect 90-degree corners are a classic design. They have been around for many decades. These pools are great for swimming laps and other water exercises. They have a familiar shape that conveys formality and a modern, sleek feel.

If you have a small backyard, a narrow rectangle could be the perfect solution. It is also simple to design around and install your glass pool fencing.

Kidney shaped pool

A throwback to the Sixties and Fifties, kidney shapes were once the most sought-after for residential pools.

Although they are not as common today, kidneys still appeal to those who appreciate their utilitarian design. They’re also popular for keeping the historic style of a Mid-Century modern home.

It is versatile, therefore can be used for many designs and functional purposes. This shape allows for natural division of the shallow and deep ends. For those with limited budgets, kidney shapes are a good choice, you get a greater swimming area for a cheaper price.

The figure 8

The shape is basically a small oval on top of a large oval, which looks just like an 8 but with thicker middle.

It has similar functionality and design attributes to the kidney but has a more modern style. A figure-8 is a better option because it offers more swimming space than a kidney, which can result in even higher savings on the purchase price.

Multi sided pools

Modern, contemporary pools can be built based on geometric shapes. They are especially well-suited for houses with many exterior angles, which is common with modern architectural styles.

Certain geometric shapes, such as rectangles and ovals, are often used in classic, traditional backyard settings.

L shape pool

If you are looking for a swimming pool or diving area, the L-shaped shape is ideal.

The shallow end is usually served by the extension, or “foot”, that extends from main section. This arrangement allows children to have fun in one place without interfering with others doing laps across the long span.

Classic or Roman pool

Classic pools elevate simplicity to elegant style. They combine a rectangular shape with a combination of radius and angled modifications—usually at both ends of the pool. The standard is for both ends will be rounded.

It is possible to have a “half Roman” pool with one rounded edge. This option is great if your pool’s one side will be built flush with a raised bond beam, or a retaining wall.

Free form pool

Free form means that there are no hard and fast rules about shape.  This design can be used in almost any form of curvilinear.

One shape version is quickly becoming a favourite among pool buyers, a bubble or cloud.

These soft, flowing shapes are often chosen by homeowners to create a natural, tropical style lagoon setting.

It is important to remember that no one design is better than another. It all depends on your needs, preferences, as well as location variables. Identify which pool design best fits your overall goals and create the perfect backyard resort.

Once you have designed your pool, get in touch with Perth’s leading Frameless pool fence specialists, Clear Choice Pool Fencing and install the highest quality’s safety Glass pool fencing in your backy