Pool with Green plant

Ideal Plants To Grow Poolside

An outdoor area can be so much more than a pool, pool fence, some paving (or decking) and a patch of grass. With the right planning, you can turn your outdoor, and even your pool area, into a complete garden oasis, bringing comfort, shade and style.

Want to know some ideal plants to grow poolside that won’t obstruct your views?

Read more from the Perth glass pool fencing team at Clear Choice Pool Fencing to get inspired.

Cacti and succulents

Cacti provide a great, hardy and low maintenance addition to poolside areas.

Here are some planting tips:

  • Plant in pots close, but not too close to the sides of the pool
  • There are a few dedicated cactus species that have fewer thorns, to prevent injury to pool users.

Succulents, in a similar realm, require very little watering, almost bordering on a set and forget landscaping solution. Most, if not all, succulent varieties love full sun and are perfect for planting inside or near your pool area.

Large-leafed plants

Large-leafed plants can bring shade as well as style to your pool area.

They’re a modern favourite amongst the pool hardy plant choices. What pool owners love about choosing large-leafed plants is their easy maintenance.

Large leaves are incredibly easier to clean up out of the pool than their tiny leaf littering counterparts.

Native grasses

Native grasses are ideal for the hot and sometimes harsh conditions of Western Australia.

The simple elegance of native grasses is a decorative addition to poolside gardens and safe for pool users due to their lack of thorns and flowers.

We love bees but their presence inside or near pool areas should be avoided at all costs.

Native grasses, when well-maintained, don’t disrupt the views of parents and guardians supervising the pool area. These grasses coupled with a glass pool fence, enhance style and safety, all year round.


When you think of tropical, white sandy beaches and tranquil, poolside paradises you might envisage a palm tree or two. Palm trees near pool areas have long been a favourite for Australian backyards, with plenty tolerating full or part sun well. They’re adored for their welcomed shade due to their large and wide fronds.

We highly recommend Golden Cane and Kentia palms.

Other pretty, pool-safe plants

We’ve also compiled a list of other miscellaneous, poolside-suitable plants to consider.

What are they?

  • Cordyline
  • Star Jasmine
  • Plants that have silvery, furry and waxy leaves.

Talk to your local nursery about other poolside plant alternatives. Steers clear from climbing plants that can obstruct views and remember to keep plant pots away from pool fences.

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