First and foremost – the function of a pool fence is to keep you safe. The design and style come later.

Yet, the actual Australian, state (and territory) laws can leave many homeowners somewhat in the deep end when it comes to what should and shouldn’t be done with your pool fence.

Want to know what you need to know when it comes to your pool fence and the law? Find out down below with the Perth glass pool fencing experts at Clear Choice.


Get clarity about your pool fence and the law


A pool fence is essential for the safety of yourself, guests and particularly small children and pets around a pool area. Yet, there remains uncertainty and confusion amongst many Australians on the rules that are put in place to keep everyone safe.

Are there any instances when they’re not required? How tall, wide and structurally sound must they be by law? These are just a handful.

Below, we’ve compiled the pool fencing laws you might not have even been aware of:

  • Pool fence gates are not allowed to open inwards. All must open outwards and self-latch from all positions.
  • Pool fencing is necessary for temporary pools, including inflatable pools, spas and above ground pools.

If it’s filled with 30cm of water or more, you are required by law to put up a four-sided, temporary barrier around it.

  • A CPR sign must be displayed either around the pool or near the pool, so it’s visible in the event of a poolside emergency.
  • All parts of a barrier must have an effective height of at least 1200mm from the top of the barrier to the finished ground surface.

While it is true the pool fence/barrier can be made of any durable materials that are compliant in finished nature, there’s a safe, secure and stylish solution to your pool fence.


Get the best of both worlds with Clear Choice Pool Fencing

Clear Choice Pool Fencing have the pool fences you need to enhance safety and style in and around your outdoor pool area.

Why choose Clear Choice?

  • We have the expert pool fence team who can advise, design, build install and maintain your pool fence.
  • We also have all the DIY advice and products you need to build your very own compliant and stylish pool fence.
  • We’re serious about safety and stand behind the quality of every pool fence we build.

Talk to our friendly team today about the difference in styles, from aluminium tubular to frameless and semi frameless glass, and how they will benefit your backyard.


Rely on the pool fencing experts

Rather than risk a fine, or worse, the safety of your loved ones – rely on the pool fencing experts.

If you’re still keen to DIY your pool fence, a Perth pool fencing company can happily show you how and provide the best materials and accessories to guarantee compliance and a stylish finished result.

Remember there’s a Clear Choice for stylish, functional and compliant pool fencing.


Need a pool fence that is compliant, reliable and beautiful?

Contact Clear Choice Pool Fencing today for all your glass pool fencing needs in Perth.

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