A pool fence has one main job, to ensure everyone is safe around the pool area.

In fact, a pool fence is essentially more efficient when the pool is not in use, in these colder months, than in the summer months.

Drowning is the most common preventable death for children between 0-5, which means that preventing drowning by erecting a strong, safe pool fence in Perth is everybody’s business. Everybody who has a pool, that is.

Want to know the answers to your Perth pool fencing questions?

Read more from the Perth glass pool fencing experts at Clear Choice Pool Fencing to find out.


When do I need to install pool fencing on my property?


A good rule of thumb is this: if you’re installing a below or above ground pool on your property, you need a safe and secure pool fence.

Let’s swim deeper to find out more:

  • Since July 1st, 1992, a fence is required between the house and pool area for swimming pools and spas over 300mm deep.
  • A building permit is required first before the construction or installation of your pool or spa, including any alterations to pool barriers, windows or gates that provide access to the area.
  • Upon granting of the building permit, your Perth pool fence must be installed BEFORE water is added to the swimming pool or spa.

These regulations help greatly in keeping people safe.


Do I need a fence for my above ground pool?


Yes, you do. Above ground pools and spas are no exception.

However, portable wading pools like small, blow up and shell pools, do not require a pool fence. It’s still very important for complete supervision by adults for young children in these small, portable pools.


Does my Perth pool fence need to be a certain height?


Yes, it does. The height of your fence is measured on the side that’s closest to your house.

It must be a minimum of 1200mm and include a clear distance of 900mm between horizontal surfaces.


What should my pool fence be made from?


Your Perth pool fence will need to utilise durable materials that are strong enough to meet Australian standards. Also, they need to be unclimbable (for the Houdini escape artist kids).

Suitable materials include:

  • Aluminium
  • Glass
  • Steel
  • Timber
  • A combination of the above.

At Clear Choice Pool Fencing, we have high-quality glass pool fencing Perth and aluminium tubular fencing which are both stylish and safe options.


Is there anything else I should consider?

Yes, there definitely is.

A Perth pool fencing expert will walk you through them:

  • Horizontal fence spacing – vertical slat gaps should not exceed 10mm.
  • Ground clearance – if kids can’t go over the fence, they might go under it. Don’t let this be a possibility. Ensure the space under the pool fence and from the ground is less than 100mm.
  • Utilise self-closing mechanisms where possible.
  • Keep any possible climbing platforms at least 1.2m away from the fence.

Rely on Clear Choice Pool Fencing for stylish, safe and affordable pool fencing in Perth.


Need a fence for your Perth pool?

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