With summer less than a month away and a taste of the heat already upon us, most of us are itching to Slip, Slop, Slap and jump into some outdoor backyard pool fun.

Yet we all must remember, amidst the poolside fun, how important pool safety is for everyone.

So, the team of glass pool fencing Perth experts at Clear Choice Pool Fencing today are here to help you brush up on your pool safety skills with our guide to keeping safe in the pool area.

Read on to refresh your knowledge, before taking your next refreshing dip.

Establish pool safety rules

Safety should be the top of everyone’s priority lists when it comes to being in or around the pool.

You most definitely can still have fun by enforcing safety rules that everyone can and should follow.

Here’s how:

  • Educate children on the possible dangers of drowning and hazards around the pool,
  • Let children know that they’re never to enter the pool or pool area alone,
  • Enforce a no running around the pool policy, and no pushing other people into the pool,
  • Don’t allow diving in the shallow end, or swimming in the deep end if young and inexperienced.

Remember to clearly communicate these rules to your children and guest children.

Frequent reminders and reinforcements allow for a safe and fun pool environment. 

Supervise always!


Another rule to be adhered to is supervision…always!

Adult supervision is key to a safe and fun pool environment as children should never be left alone or unwatched around water, even for a moment.


  • Always watch children in your care (be they your own or visitors)
  • Don’t be shy to tell visitors to help watch their own kids in the pool, or designate a responsible adult for pool duty in the instance of a party/BBQ etc.
  • Remain vigilant at all times – don’t get distracted by your phone, taking a call or going inside momentarily, and
  • Always stay within arm’s reach of babies, toddlers and inexperienced swimmers.

Poolside supervision could well and truly save a life! It also helps if you have a compliant glass pool fence installed by glass pool fencing Perth experts to ensure there’s maximum visibility.

Swimming lessons

The earlier your child learns to swim, the better!

Swimming lessons develops their confidence, safety skills and gives you peace of mind.

Regularly inspect your pool area

How frequently are you checking your pool area in the lead up to summer?

Here’s what you can do:

  • Ensure drain covers are secure and compliant with no cracks,
  • Store pool chemicals out of reach of children, and
  • Look for and rectify any slipping or tripping hazards around the pool.

Also, how is your pool fence? If you need help with anything and everything pool fencing Perth, even with temporary pool fencing Perth, you need to make the Clear Choice with Clear Choice Pool Fencing.

Install glass pool fencing Perth

At Clear Choice Pool Fencing, we’re the leading experts in everything glass pool fencing Perth.

We provide:

  • Secure and safe pool fencing with customer satisfaction guaranteed,
  • An elegant glass pool fence or frameless glass pool fence alternative, and a
  • Free measure and quote.

Keep safe in the pool area and make the safe choice with Clear Choice.

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