Quantity over quality, it’s what many of us are guilty of preferencing. After all, who doesn’t love a good bargain? However, what you pay for is often what you get, which is why choosing the cheaper option, isn’t always the better option. 

This goes for choosing your pool fence, too. 

Want to know why you should choose quality over cheap for your pool fence? 

Read more from the pool fence experts at Clear Choice to find out.  


Why quality is so important in a pool fence

Poor tradespeople will sometimes cut corners and use inferior materials to cut costs and get a job done fast. Sourcing cheap and nasty materials yourself and doing a DIY pool fencing job without a guide will also negatively impact the safety, longevity and look of your pool fence. 

A pool fence exists to protect you and your loved ones around a swimming pool – so how can you be sure it’s 100% safe and sturdy? 

Trust in quality pool fences, from a reputable Australian made and owned pool fencing company. 

Trust in Clear Choice Pool Fencing for your pool fence. 


Insurance and peace of mind 

Ignoring or bending the rules of Australian government and local council regulations can actually breach your home insurance terms and conditions. 

Always read the fine print and ensure you not only have a pool fence, but a quality one, too. 

What is liability insurance? 

  • Commonly included in most home insurance, liability insurance means you’re protected if someone is injured on your property and sues you. 
  • If your property breaches necessary pool fencing legislation, then this insurance could very well be null and void. 

Uncertain about what constitutes a quality pool fence that ticks all legal boxes? Talk to the pool fencing experts at Clear Choice Pool Fencing to identify the best pool fence for your property. 


Maintaining quality and safety

A non-compliant fence is a big no-no, as is not maintaining your pool fence. Pool fence maintenance is required as without it, your pool fence could become defective and unable to protect you and your loved ones. 

Not a fan of hard and long maintenance work? Don’t worry, because when you choose glass pool fencing, maintenance is oh-so easy. 

Here’s a how-to guide to keep your glass pool fence looking funky fresh and functional.  


The quality glass pool fencing you need

Sourcing cheap pool fence materials and installing them yourself may seem like a cost-effective idea, but it could very well cost you down the line. 

Using a Perth-based company who have the expertise and quality-crafted materials is the best choice you could make for safety around the pool. 

Still want to DIY your pool fence? Clear Choice Pool Fencing have you covered, too. 

Talk to us today to get top-quality glass pool fencing materials at the lowest price, plus our helpful expertise to help you install your very own glass pool fence. 


Need help with pool fencing in Perth?  

Contact Clear Choice Pool Fencing today for quality advice and glass pool fencing products. 

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