While we can still savour the last bits of summer, why not take this time to elevate your pool fence (or if you don’t have one, it may be time to add one!).

Often, people in Perth opt to DIY their glass pool fence, rather than getting a pool fencing contractor to do it for them. If you fit this boat, then this article was made for you!

When it comes to DIY glass pool fencing, there are many things you need to consider before you get started. Our team has created the most important considerations when opting for DIY glass pool fencing.


#1 Make sure you purchase the right parts


Start your DIY journey on the right foot. It’s essential that you purchase all the right parts so your pool fencing can be built to the highest standard. It’s recommended that you purchase DIY stainless steel kits that come with all the essential fittings you need, ensuring you have everything on hand to complete the job.


#2 Have you had a chat to the local council? If no, add that to your priority list


If you plan on building a DIY glass pool fence, it’s essential to first speak to your local council to ensure you’re adhering to all pool fence regulations. You will need to build your fence to a certain height, have particular locks installed, and take strict measures to ensure the pool is children safe. If your home is newly being constructed, there may be building permits that are required prior to installing a glass pool fence – this changes council to council.

By adhering to the set out guidelines, you can ensure the safety of your loved ones and save yourself potential costly mistakes down the road.


#3 Have an idea of your desired layout – planning is key


Before getting started on your DIY glass pool fencing, you should have a solid idea of your desired layout. What this equates to is planning and researching different ways in which your pool fencing could work. You’ll also need take a close look at how much space you have available and what sort of dimensions you can work with in your backyard. This will ensure that your fencing will fit in comfortably, and it won’t look awkward.



Did you know that we offered supplies for those DIY weekend warriors who wanted to build their own pool fence? You can explore our DIY options here.  If you feel like DIYing is not the route for you, we encourage you to chat to us today! We are Perth pool fencing contractors who take pride in alleviating the stress out of pool fencing installations.

Otherwise, we look forward to hearing from you when you get in touch with us.

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