It’s estimated that nearly 2.7 million Australians have a pool in their backyard. So, naturally, that’s many backyards that not only house a pool, but have safety features and necessities like pool fences to keep everyone safe and happy in and around the pool too.

There’s many different styles of pool fences to choose from within Australia.

Want to know what pool fence style is considered the best for an Australian backyard?

Read more from the Perth pool fencing experts at Clear Choice Pool Fencing for a side by side comparison of Australia’s most favourite picks.

The wooden fence

Wood fences are a classic and timeless choice. They’re loved for their flexibility and its abilities to mix and match to suit most exterior designs.

A solid wood fence has the capacity to keep out children and pets, or slats with gaps or lattice allows more light to be let through. Be careful though, supervision must be paramount with slats and gaps in your pool fencing.

The iron fence

The height of security and safety, the iron fence has long been a staple in Australian pool fences.


  • Iron fences generally come with lockable gates, to keep people and pets out.
  • They’re often quite decorative compared to the humble wooden fence,
  • This is because they can be painted in any colour that you desire.

Unfortunately, with their durability and aesthetic appeal comes an often-higher price tag. You can keep a good eye on people in and around the pool area with an iron pool fence through the gaps. However, there’s a pool fence style that provides unobstructed views…more on that one later.

The concrete or stone fence

A concrete or stone pool fence will combine both rock and metal to work. These designs work with a bottom stone or concrete base and wall, fitted with iron posts or even frameless glass pool fencing on top of it.

Why is this design loved by Australians?

  • Because it can provide complete privacy,
  • This pool fence design will last as long as your pool will (hint: a very long time),
  • Flexibility in design to match the exterior of your home.

However, this pool fence design combines two materials which will likely add to double the cost.

The mesh fence

Cheap to buy and easy to install, mesh pool fences also work well to create a barrier against bugs and other pests.

However, when it comes to the elements, particularly strong and gusty winds, mesh pool fences are unlikely to stand a chance.

The glass pool fence

Glass pool fences are finally being recognised as one of the top contenders of the best pool fences for Australian backyards. And rightly so.

Here’s why:

They’re strong and safe,

  • Transparent – which means complete visibility and supervision,
  • Flexibility in height and design,
  • Fantastic protection from the elements, including strong and gusty winds!

Frameless glass pool fencing in Perth also allows no gaps, and the clever illusion of a streamlined, bigger backyard.

Clear Choice Pool Fencing is who you can rely on for top-quality frameless glass pool fencing in Perth.

Need glass pool fencing in Perth?

Contact Clear Choice Pool Fencing today to organise the best frameless glass fencing for your pool.

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