Glass windows help bring light and warmth into a home. Glass helps us see our food and drinks. Magnified glass(es) that sit on our face also help some of us see better.

Glass is a great thing, due to its translucency. So, it makes sense that a glass pool fence has a range of aesthetic and functional benefits too.

Yet, why is it the safest and stylish choice for the pools of Perth? What exactly are the safety benefits of glass pool fencing?

Read more from the Perth glass pool fencing experts at Clear Choice to find out.

Glass pool fencing protects kids

It’s well advertised that younger children are far more susceptible to injury, accidents and drownings poolside of a home, than anywhere else on a property.

That’s why it’s so important to have measures in place to protect kids, amateur swimmers and animals around the pool. A watchful eye and constant supervision is necessary, as is the importance of a quality, sturdy pool fence.

What pool fence design should I choose?

  • Steel fencing

This design is durable and safe but not rust-proof. The weight of the gate is also a danger to kids if not professionally installed and maintained. Also, there’s gaps, which small kids or animals could get stick in, or worse, slip through!

  • Aluminium fencing

Is lightweight, resistant to corrosion and cheaper than steel. However, aluminium can be easily bent and damaged, proving a risk to pool-goers.

  • Glass pool fencing

Makes your pool the star of the show and is arguably the most stylish pool fence design on the market. Frameless glass pool fencing allows a near invisible (but incredibly tough) barrier between home and pool and unsupervised kids and danger.

Protecting kids and other vulnerable swimmers around the pool is so important.

We must teach our kids pool safety, and utilise pool safety measures ourselves, by installing a glass pool fence.

The leader in safety and style

Who said you can’t combine safety with style? You definitely don’t have to forego one to choose the other. Glass pool fencing, especially frameless glass pool fencing in Perth is your answer for an incredibly safe pool fence, that doesn’t compromise on style.

Why choose a glass pool fence?

  • Complete, unobstructed views of the pool area for supervision (and a glimpse of serenity),
  • No gaps or edges for cunning kids or pesky pets to get stuck in, or slip through,
  • No rust or rot, removing the danger of injury and infection to party pool people, and
  • Easy to maintain and long-lasting.

It’s never been easier to make the Clear Choice for pool fencing in Perth. 

The safe choice is the Clear Choice

Glass pool fencing, whether standard or frameless, is the smartest investment in pool safety.

With unobstructed pool views, no gaps, edges, risk of rot and rust – why wouldn’t you choose this sleek and stylish pool fence design?

Clear Choice Pool Fencing have the products, advice and experts to construct and install a glass pool fence for your property, or the DIY products you need to professionally do it yourself.

Need glass pool fencing in Perth?

Contact Clear Choice Pool Fencing today for exceptional service and quality glass pool fence products.

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