Safety, to most, conjures up images of fortresses, of tall walls and mollycoddling. 

Whereas, style on the other hand, evokes images of clean lines, minimalism and effortless elegance. 

It may come as a surprise that you can combine safety and style easily when it comes to your pool. 

Want to know how to achieve style, without compromising on safety in your pool area? 

Read more from the glass pool fencing Perth experts at Clear Choice Pool Fencing to find out. 


Make your pool the feature 

Many residential swimming pools in Australia are located in the backyard. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t be a stunning feature to your home. 

What can you do? Add a feature wall. 

For example, a dry stone feature wall could look lavish around the perimeter of your pool. 

A limestone retaining wall around a portion of your pool is also a safety feature, acting as a ledge for inexperienced swimmers to (quite literally) dip their toes in the water safely. 

Feature wall designs are endless. It will work hard to make your backyard swimming pool the focal point of the home. 


A sprinkle of greenery 

Greenery is good for the soul, and your neighbours could be green with envy at your smart and thoughtful landscaping. Depending on the direction of your house, you may need to invest in drought-tolerant plants. Also, remember to plant bee-attracting flowers away from the swimming pool. 

Happy, safe planting for a stylish swimming pool area and backyard! 


Safe and stylish glass pool fencing in Perth 

The easiest way to combine safety with style is through your choice of pool fence. 

You could go for the fortress-look, of high, big and bulky posts – that will definitely give you the look of safety, but what about style? 

That’s where you need glass pool fencing in Perth. 


  • Perth glass pool fencing is clear and transparent for optimised, unobstructed views, 
  • The style creates an illusion of greater outdoor space (a must for smaller backyards), and 
  • This pool fencing in Perth is minimalist, modern, sleek and oh so stylish – but will never be compromised on its safety offerings.  

Make the easy choice for the combination of safety and style with the glass pool fencing Perth experts at Clear Choice Pool Fencing. 


The Clear Choice for glass pool fencing in Perth 

The Clear Choice for safety and style for your swimming pool area is with the glass pool fencing Perth experts. 

Why glass pool fencing? 

  • It’s an enviable, effortless look, 
  • No gaps = more peace of mind for you, 
  • Easy maintenance, and 
  • It’s more durable than you’d think with 12mm toughened glass, self-closing gate and stainless-steel hardware. 


Your humble, backyard Perth swimming pool is not far away from being both safe and stylish. 

With a clever feature wall and thoughtful greenery and landscaping, you’ll make your swimming pool the focal point of your home and outdoor area. With glass pool fencing in Perth, you’ll rest assured that style is achieved and safety prioritised. 


Need glass pool fencing in Perth?  

Contact Clear Choice Pool Fencing today to combine style and safety in your pool area. 

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