With the current waves and motions of the Perth property market, are you thinking about placing your Perth home for sale? You aren’t alone, several residents of Perth have been riding the property boom. 

Before getting ahead of yourself and listing your property,, there are many considerations that you can look at to add value to your home, and guess what? They don’t necessarily require you to completely renovate.

In fact, many home sellers are replacing their old fences in their backyard with new ones. Today, we go into the discussion of the importance of a new fence when selling your property. 


#1 People consider safety when making big purchasing decisions 


It goes without saying that safety is a number one priority in every household. With that being said, when we think about fences, the first word that comes to mind is security. The second word might be privacy.  A well built fence reduces the risk of trespassing, making it clear that anything past the fence is private property. Furthermore, a pool fence exists for the purpose of protecting children and pets from falling into a swimming pool. Therefore, a home that feels more secure and private can make a home appear more attractive to prospective buyers.


#2 Fences add value to a Perth home 


For those scoping the Perth property market, they will want to do as much as possible to ensure they are getting the best price for a potential property. A fence can add immense value to a home. As with other home improvements, a new fence will significantly impact the selling price by improving its appeal and attracting the right buyers. Some buyers with pets or small children specifically consider homes with the right fencing, and will pay top dollar for a well built fence firmly in place. Selling your house for the best price means you have to ensure it looks its best. 


#3 It will improve the aesthetics of your home in Perth 


At the end of the day, your old fence has seen many years and has acted as a physical barrier. As such, your fence has naturally endured a few dents and scratches over time. After all, a fence resides outside 24/7, so replacing it after a few years is mandatory.  

Think of putting your house on the market similar to going to a job interview. Just as you put your best work clothes on, you want your  old house to appear as attractive and professionally presented as possible. A fence can add great curb appeal to your property, improving potential buyers’ first impression of your home and adding value.


Still on the fence? Then just ask us for our advice 


We understand that placing your home on the market, while simultaneously shifting to a new home in Perth can feel like a stressful ordeal. It may be time to hire professional fencing installers to build you a custom new fence. Reach out to our team today, and we will gladly talk you through our advice on what steps to take next. We want to see you gain the maximum sale value of your home, through a quality custom-built fence in Perth. Get in touch.


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