Not everyone has the money, space and time for a below ground pool in their Australian backyard. But don’t worry, a temporary and more affordable solution exists, that can be packed up and stored away in the winter months: a portable pool. However, just because your portable pool is only temporary, and not even half the size of a standard, in-ground pool, it doesn’t mean your exempt from potential dangers and pool fencing regulations.

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Australia’s pool fencing requirements

Australian pool fencing laws are quite specific and strict, and for good reason, too. They’re in place to keep you and inexperienced swimmers safe.



Let’s take a look at them below:

  • A temporary pool filled with more than 300mm (30cm) of water is considered a functioning pool, which must have a four-sided, portable pool fence (aka temporary pool fencing) placed securely around it.
  • This includes inflatable and above ground pools, children’s paddling or wading pools, spas and hot tubs.

For further information and to view Australian Standards on Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools, click here.


How to keep safe in and around a portable pool

Treat a portable pool as you would a permanent pool. It still contains water, still can be used and enjoyed by everyone and can still poses some, if not all of the same potential dangers.


Here’s a refresher on how to keep safe in and around your portable pool:

  • Supervision

Children must be watched closely and actively around any and all bodies of water.

To specify, children under 5 should always be within arm’s reach of an adult. If you’re hosting a party or gathering that consists of one or more small kids, designate a child supervisor for the event.

  • Empty portable pools when not in use

This will greatly reduce risk of drowning. Also, as portable pools lack a filtration system, it will reduce the risk of bacteria. Be sure to not just empty but store away when not in use.

  • Keep climbable objects away from your pool fence

Children can be capable climbers. So, keep your portable pool and temporary pool fence away from trees and pots, BBQs, chairs and tables to minimise any clever, but potentially dangerous escapades.

  • Be prepared

Accidents and emergencies can happen, even if you have tried your best to prevent them. Ensure you or someone else in the household is confident with CPR and first aid, educate children on water safety and lay ground rules for guests.

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