Should I Choose Framed or Frameless Glass Pool Fencing?

To go with framed, semi-framed or frameless glass pool fencing Perth installation?

That is the question many Perth homeowners (with or soon to be with swimming pools) ask themselves.

When you don’t know the pros and cons, benefits and reasons behind the different styles of glass pool fencing in Perth, it’s hard to make the decision that’s best for you.

Today at Clear Choice Pool Fencing, we’ll lay out the facts of the different types of pool fencing styles and let you decide which one best suit you.

Keep reading to find out more.


Framed pool fencing Perth

Many homeowners often go with what they’re used to, and that’s framed pool fencing.

What does a framed pool fence involve?

  • A framed glass pool fence consists of standard glass panes secured by vertical stainless-steel posts, and a top and bottom bar which sit horizontally.
  • The vertical posts are firmly planted in the ground and often mounted first, before the glass.

The downfall with this style is there’s no uninterrupted view of the pool area. However, it’s only minimal obstruction, but isn’t recommended for seamless, clean and full view tastes.

While this style is popular and trusted, it’s not the only choice for glass pool fencing in Perth.


Eco Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing


Semi-frameless glass pool fencing Perth

Similar to the above pool fencing style is the semi-framed glass fence.

How is it different?

Apart from the same glass panes sliding into the vertical stainless-steel or aluminium frames, there’s a marked difference…no top or bottom frames. This means no horizontal blind spots for mums, dads and guardians supervising children from a safe distance.

Semi-frameless glass pool fencing is attractive because:

  • There’s no gap or fixture between glass panes, and
  • No temptation or possibility for kids and pets to squeeze their way inside the pool area.

It’s a good choice for squirmy kids, but not so much for uninterrupted views…


Frameless pool fencing perth


Frameless glass pool fencing Perth

Frameless is the popular, relatively new trendsetter for everything glass pool fencing Perth.


  • It’s sleek yet strong, and
  • Allows for complete, unobstructed views of the pool area.

It’s all about the illusion – of space optimisation, of no barrier and of expensive quality.

Frameless allows homeowners to indulge in a modern, minimalist outdoor area, and although it looks expensive, it doesn’t have to be.


Glass pool fencing Perth installation

While the choice of pool fencing material and design is ultimately up to you, we think there’s a Clear Choice in the winning design, and that’s frameless glass pool fencing Perth installation.

Let’s recap on the advantages of going frameless:

  • Aesthetically appealing,
  • Maximises space,
  • Creates sophistication, elegance and a resort-feel, and
  • Is not as expensive at it looks!

All designs, regardless, are very functional, manufactured with the best quality and installed by the best trades people…well, if you choose Clear Choice Pool Fencing that is.

Safety is paramount, style is a bonus! Discover how semi-framed and frameless glass pool fencing Perth installation will enhance your outdoor area.

Need glass pool fencing in your backyard? Contact Clear Choice Pool Fencing today to find the right style for you at the right price.

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