With the climate as it is and the growing habit of entertaining from home, many households in Perth either have a pool in their backyard already or are considering having one put in. 

Whether you are considering a frameless pool fence in Perth, general glass pool fencing installation in Perth or another pool fencing solution – take into account that safety comes above all else. This is why the conversation about who is going to install your pool fencing should be at the top of the list.

We have chosen a few points to highlight to assist you when contemplating the difference between doing the job yourself or having a professional set the system up for you.


Pros and Cons of Doing it Yourself


Let’s consider the pros first…


If you have the capabilities and resources to install a pool fence yourself, a considerable expense to save on is the labour prices. Accepting a project of this nature enables you to be selective with your design preferences until you meet the style you are satisfied with. Once you have successfully assembled a pool fencing system that fulfils your desires and expectations you can feel proud of your achievements and be reminded of your hard work each time you cast your eyes on your backyard


Now, let’s look at the cons…


Installing a pool fencing system can be demanding of time and money, depending on your skillset and design and material goals. Mentally and physically, the precision and stamina required to carry out a task such as this can be massively straining. Unfortunately, do-it-yourself projects can run the risk of lacking a polished quality in comparison to a professional service. If the system fails, does not meet expectations, or doesn’t comply with standards, it becomes a very expensive mistake to undo. 

Pros and Cons of Professional Installation Service

Let’s consider the pros first…


When hiring a professional pool fence installer in Perth, you can rest assured that the end product will be competent, safe, meet compliances, and its appearance will be aesthetically pristine. Dealing with a qualified, experienced worker will save you the hassle of extensive research and coming up with quotes for your own calculations. It takes the brain work out of sourcing materials and a professional installation service comes with high-end equipment to make certain of a clean, concise job. With the advantage of knowledge, and having completed many designs prior, a professional team will be able to advise certain styles and provide you with the best alternatives to suit your landscape. The trade will be carried out in a timely fashion, and it avoids the mental and physical stress that would have potentially come from carrying on the task on your own devices.


Now, let’s look at the cons…

The downfall of hiring someone else to complete the job for you is the labour cost. But with the guarantee of a stable and pleasing pool fence, it will be well worth the investment. It may come with its design limits and warnings to explore a style that wasn’t necessarily the first choice, but all in the interest of providing a fence best suited to your backyard.


For a professional pool fence installation service, our experienced team at Clear Choice Pool Fencing are happy to help! Get in touch with us today, and our friendly team will eagerly guide you through the best steps forward. Speak to our team about our supply and install services. 

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