We can imagine it now…it’s a hot summer’s day in Perth, you are about to have all your family friends over. You plan to fire up the barbie, and jump into the pool for an old fashion Sunday pool party.

Hosting a pool party is tons of fun, but it also comes with some considerations. Particularly, considerations around safety. The last thing you want to do is have your fun-filled party dampened because of a little slip up or a terrible accident that could have easily been avoided.

That is why, we have created a few safety tips for you to consider.


Inspect your pool area to ensure that there is no danger

The safety of your loved ones can never be taken lightly. Make sure that the area around you pool meets all code and council requirements, and has no broken items before letting people into this outdoor space. Remember, even small details could pose a threat in an unexpected situation. So be vigilant in your inspection.


Do not skip the part of the safety briefing

Yes! It is essential to give a proper briefing about the smallest rules before your pool party commences so that everyone has an understanding of what they can and should do. You can minimise chaos and risks by seating all guests down, explaining rules clearly in advance. Some good ones we have at our pool parties include, no diving, no running around the pool area, no unsupervised kids etc.

Also, ensure the kids know their boundaries, like never going into deep water without adult supervision. Having a safety briefing will ensure everyone is safe and happy!


Restrict the access with gatekeeping

Fences are an excellent way to prevent accidents at pool parties. It is important that you make sure unsupervised kids and non-swimmers don’t enter your swimming area. Being a Perth pool fencing contractor, we can help you fence your pool well ahead of your party! Chat to us about it today.


If the party is big, consider a lifeguard…or three!

It is important to have multiple lifeguards around the water when throwing a pool party. A single watcher can never ensure your safety in case something goes wrong. Your pool party needs additional eyes on hand at all times. You should also consider how many people will be attending; if there are children who might play rough or enter deep waters without being aware of the consequences, then think about hiring some adult buddies to keep a watchful eye.


We encourage you to chat to us today! We are Perth pool fencing contractors who take pride in alleviating the stress out of pool fencing installations. Our team looks forward to hearing from you when you get in touch with us.


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