With the temperatures rising and the summer season well and truly upon us, kids across Perth have been itching to get into their backyard pool – or their family friends who have one.

Kids have a lot of energy and can very well get too excitable around the pool. Before your kids jump in, reiterate the importance of pool safety.

Want to know how to keep your kids extra pool safe this summer?

Read more from the Perth pool fence experts at Clear Choice Pool Fencing, for better peace of mind.


Be first aid ready

The pool is a place for summer family fun and entertainment in the form of a few games of Marco Polo, relaxation and splashing around. Yet with all this fun and entertainment comes some risk factors.

Kids love to run around the pool – even when told not to, and when surfaces get splashed with water, they get slippery. It’s in everyone’s best interest to slow down around the pool. As well as this, not everyone is a strong swimmer, especially our younger family members and children of our family friends.

So, whether you own a pool or only go to another person’s pool or the beach, it’s important to be first aid ready.

Did you know that it’s a legal requirement for backyard pools to prominently display signage to help those in the provision of first aid and CPR if/when necessary?

For peace of mind, keep up to date with your first aid and CPR training if you have a pool and/or have children.


Maintain your pool all year round

You service your car and maybe even go for yearly check-ups for your teeth. But what about your pool?

Pool maintenance is necessary to not only keep it looking in the best condition, but to keep its users healthy. Your pool pH should be between 7.0 and 7.4 to ensure safe, swimmable water.

Other things to do:

  • Clean the filter weekly
  • Check the levels of your chemical disinfectant on a regular basis.


Utilise a pool cover

Pool covers come with a multitude of benefits from conserving water, energy and preventing leaves and other debris from falling into the water.

However, they can be a hazard if kids and pets happen to fall onto them.

You can rectify this by not letting children and pets in the pool area unsupervised.

This should be easy to do if you have a professionally installed pool fence in place.


Have you checked your pool fence lately?

The above can make you feel at ease about keeping kids safe around the pool this summer.

However, one of the best safeguards for pool safety throughout the year, particularly when your pool isn’t in use, remains a strong and durable pool fence.

It’s frightening just how quickly kids can fall victim to drowning. So, keep them safe by securing them out when the pool isn’t in use.

If you keep up to date with our blogs, you’ll see just how big we are on pool safety, which is why we believe glass pool fences are the best pool fences in Perth.


Looking for a new pool fence?

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