The first and foremost function of temporary pool fencing is to protect the site and everyone around a pool (finished or not), before sturdy and permanent pool fencing is put up.

However, just like many things – it can be used for a multitude of purposes.

Want to know what for?

Read more from the glass pool fencing Perth experts at Clear Choice Pool Fencing to find out.

Building and construction

In Australia, it’s a legal requirement to have portable fencing up when building a new home.

This means from the very moment construction commences on site, all the way to handover, portable, temporary fencing must be present and functional.

Why is this so?

  • To keep debris, materials and equipment contained,
  • Safeguard the general public from potential hazards, and
  • Protect the building site from unwanted intruders, damage and/or theft.

Who is responsible for putting up the temporary fencing? If through a builder, check your contract inclusions. If you’re an owner builder, you are responsible for sourcing and erecting temporary fencing.

This is where you can definitely and reliably call on the temporary pool fencing Perth experts to help.

Buy or hire, the choice is yours.

Pets and animals

You can easily segment your backyard and create a safe and sturdy area for your pets with temporary pool fencing in Perth.


  • Cat runs,
  • Securing puppies and kittens for training purposes, and/or
  • Keeping your pets away from weed spraying, concreting or lawn seeding.

Purchasing panels directly from Clear Choice Pool Fencing will give you the flexibility of a DIY project with professional products at an affordable price.

Hiring temporary pool fencing in Perth can give you a provisional fix, while you await long-term outdoor enclosures for your beloved pets.

Kids play area

The temporary pool fencing Perth experts know how hard it can be to enjoy your backyard if there’s toys everywhere.

So why not create some clever zoning with temporary pool fencing?

  • Seal off designated kids play areas,
  • Keep toys and play equipment in the one area, and
  • Know where your children are at all times in your backyard.

Keep everybody happy – from adults, kids and furry friends with all that multi-functional temporary pool fencing Perth has to offer.

Pool installation, portable pool and spa fencing

Of course, you can’t forget what temporary pool fencing Perth is really for – to keep everyone safe during the pool installation process.

Here’s a rule of thumb for when you need temporary pool fencing Perth:

  • For fibreglass pools, this is the day it’s installed because it can be filled up straight away.
  • For concrete pools, temporary pool fencing is essential as they often take longer to get finished, so you need to prevent people from falling in.
  • Pool installed but the area isn’t quite ready? Temporary pool fencing in Perth provides peace of mind as you await landscaping and permanent pool fencing.

As you can see, there’s more ways you can use temporary pool fencing in Perth.

Make sure you get it from a professional company who provide the highest quality Perth glass pool fencing  products at super competitive prices.

Need glass pool fencing or temporary pool fencing in Perth?

Contact Clear Choice Pool Fencing today for sturdy, safe pool fencing for your needs.

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