Summer is well and truly behind us in Perth as the start of Autumn saw heavy rains and storms. It’s time to say goodbye to backyard pool time fun, unless you are game enough to use it in the colder months.

Protecting your pool cover and your pool is important all year round.

Want to know how to safely and sufficiently cover your pool when it’s not in use?

Read more from the Perth glass pool fence experts at Clear Choice Pool Fencing to find out.


Why should you use a pool cover?

A cover for your pool is great for a multitude of reasons.

Let’s take a look at them below:

  • Utilise the heating power of the sun
  • Save on water (up to 10,000L per month) and evaporation
  • Save on heat loss
  • Save on cleaning
  • Save on chemicals

So, get yourself a pool cover and use it over the colder months and whenever your pool is not in use.


Clean your pool cover

Firstly, you’ll want to clean your pool cover. This is best done before you use it to cover your pool, and then once again when summer hits and your pool becomes your second home.

Why should you do this?

  • To avoid any debris getting caught in the cover when it’s moved which could lead to avoidable wear, tears and holes.

How should you do this?

  • Don’t worry, you won’t need any harsh, expensive chemicals. Simply clean with a garden hose to wash off any debris.


Grab a buddy

Depending on the complexity of your pool cover, you might require the assistance of a friend, family member, neighbour for the next few steps.


If you have a mesh pool cover without a roller, you’ll need to fix the cover springs and screw down anchors before you can move the cover at all.

  • Ensure your pool cover is positioned correctly. It’s much like making the bed, only outside.
  • It will help to have another person keep the pool blanket in place if this is the first time using one and it needs to be cut to size.

Putting on a pool cover won’t take long at all. Always remember to put on a clean pool cover and be sure to clean it when it’s taken off and stored for a longer period of time.


Check your glass pool fence as well

A pool fence is a necessity for all pools in Perth. A pool remains a hazard all year round, even when not in use. A pool fence is the best pool safety measures you can install for peace of mind.

Clear Choice Pool Fencing is your number one choice for glass pool fencing in Perth.


  • Our glass pool fences combine safety and style seamlessly
  • They provide complete visibility, and
  • There’s no gaps, edges or space for kids or pets to slip through unknowingly.

A pool cover and expertly designed, crafted and installed glass pool fence will enhance the safety, functionality and atmosphere of your pool and pool area all year round.


Need a glass pool fence?

Contact Clear Choice Pool Fencing today to organise your safe and stylish glass pool fence in Perth.

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