Spring Hinges


These are standard self-closing hinge that is coupled with an 8mm thick gate. When we install these we offer our lifetime warranty, they are a basic hinge but sometimes basic is more reliable. The only drawback with these is the gate will slam from where it is let go from, however, most people naturally close the gate behind them in any case. The gate left to slam will not cause any technical difficulty or damage, it is just a little noisy.

In short, the downside is they can slam, the upside is that they are very easy to maintain and to adjust the tension on when needed. Oh and the Clear Choice *Lifetime Warranty.


Polaris ® Hinges



These are hydraulic hinges, they also use an 8mm thick gate. These come with a 2-year guarantee and have in both hinges an adjustable tension spring along with two hydraulic pistons to do the slowing down. These hinges close quickly until about 15 degrees from closed where the pistons engage and close the last part slowly to latch.

In short, the downside the fast then slow-closing can confuse people, the upside is both hinges are serving to do the same job rather than fighting each other like the Softer-Close system which makes them are more reliable.


Softer-Close ® Hinges


These are also hydraulic hinges, they take a 12mm thick gate. These come with a 2-year replacement guarantee which is backed by Softer-Close. The way this work is that the top hinge is a spring tension arrangement and the bottom hinge is a hydraulic adjustable hinge. These close slowly all the way from where the gate is opened, to where it closes at the latch.

In short, the downside to these is their reliability, the upside is the slow close all the way from open to closed.



*All hinges, must be used and maintained as per manufacturer specifications/instructions. if gates are left in an open position for any lengthy period of time this will adversely affect the future operation of any hinge as they are all designed to self-close.

*Lifetime Warranty, applies to Polished spigots, latches and spring hinges.  


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