The beauty of glass pool fencing is that it provides a protective barrier without even looking like it’s there. After all, its see-through style is why many people choose it to protect their loved ones around their pools.

However, to keep it clean, see-through and impeccably stylish, some easy maintenance should be undertaken for glass pool fencing. Don’t worry though, it’s not that hard or time-consuming to do.

Want to know how to and how not to clean your frameless glass pool fence?

Read more from the glass pool fencing Perth team at Clear Choice Glass Pool Fencing to find out.

The wrong way to clean glass pool fencing

Maintaining glass pool fencing Perth doesn’t take too much time, requires little effort and isn’t a costly upkeep as you’d think. A common misconception however is you can treat and clean your glass pool fencing like you would glass windows, screens and tables.

The general advice is warm water, a sponge and general, household cleaning products like glass cleaner. Yet, although it appears to do the job and get rid of dirt, it isn’t very sustainable for exterior glass pool fences.

With a simple twist to the above method, your glass pool fencing in Perth will shine bright like a diamond and last, too.

The right way to clean glass pool fencing

At Clear Choice Pool Fencing, we recommend our happy customers maintain their glass pool fencing with easy DIY cleaning roughly every 2 – 3 months.

This is our simple, but effective method that anyone can easily do to achieve sparkling results:

  1. Wash your glass pool fence with warm water, a small amount of gentle dishwashing liquid (NOT glass cleaner) with a sponge or microfibre cloth,
  2. Once soaped up, use the garden hose to wash away the chemicals left on the glass,
  3. With a dry cloth, dry the surface area, absorbing all the water,
  4. The final and probably most important step? Apply a protective coat like Enduroshield or Nano coat on the fence and balustrades for added protection against stains, dirt build-ups and etchings.

The above how-to cleaning technique is suitable for both frameless glass pool fencing and balustrade.

In 4 easy steps, your frameless glass pool fencing Perth will be cleaned, maintained and look as stylish as ever. As the weather heats up, ensure your outdoor pool area is ready for some serious summer fun.

The frameless glass pool fencing Perth experts

Trust in the experts for everything and anything glass pool fencing Perth and that’s the team at Clear Choice Pool Fencing.

Why are we the specialists in glass pool fencing Perth?

  • High quality products at wholesale prices,
  • Affordable pool fencing Perth solutions,
  • Superior customer service and support from start to finish and
  • On time, every time.

If you’re ready for a safe and stylish asset to your outdoor area, the Clear Choice is glass pool fencing Perth.

Need help with all things glass pool fencing Perth?

Contact Clear Choice Pool Fencing today for impeccable service, quality and stylish water safety pool fences.



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