Safety is paramount within and around outdoor swimming pools. That’s why since 1991, the Australian government has had strict pool fencing laws to keep children safe.

Many Perth homeowners want a pool to put in their backyard or have one already that might need a pool fencing upgrade.

Did you know there’s a pool fence design that is modern and strong, stylish and subtle and provides 100% unobstructed visibility of the pool area?

All this and more is possible with frameless glass pool fencing Perth.

Read more from Clear Choice Pool Fencing to see 4 benefits that make glass pool fencing Perth, the Clear Choice.

  1. The enviable look

Why people choose glass pool fencing is often for one reason and one reason only – because it’s the most aesthetically pleasing option on the market.

But, why is it so appealing?

  • Glass pool fencing, especially frameless glass pool fencing creates the illusion that it’s not there. Well, that might be too far-fetched, but this pool fencing option definitely doesn’t look like a barricade or fortress.
  • This choice blends smoothly and seamlessly with all outdoor settings.
  • It opens up the outdoor setting and pool area (figuratively speaking, of course), making it look bigger than it really is.

Get the enviable look and be proud of summer outdoor pool fun with sophisticated glass pool fencing.

  1. No gaps allowed

With frameless glass pool fencing Perth, there’s no gaps or edges on the fencing material.

This means there’s little to no chance of a child or pet getting stuck and/or hurt in or because of the pool fence. No gaps allowed = more peace of mind for you!

An effective pool safety barrier for children and/or pets, frameless glass pool fencing Perth ensures there’s no gaps in vision either with 100% visibility.

  1. More durable that you would think

You know how in movies; people break through glass all the time?

Well, they wouldn’t break through Clear Choice glass pool fencing that easily, because it’s more durable than you would think.

Here’s how:

  • We use 12mm Clear Toughened Glass,
  • Inclusive of a fully frameless 8mm self-closing gate with stainless steel hardware,
  • 1200mm finished fence height,
  • Clear Choice Pool Fencing also provides customised glass pool fencing based upon design requirements and budget.

Safety and style that’s affordable and built to last, it’s all possible when you choose frameless glass   pool fencing Perth.

  1. Easy maintenance

There’s no need for paint patch-ups or rust repair jobs with glass pool fencing.

Glass is so easy to maintain with some warm water, sponge, mild and minimal dishwashing liquid and a quick hose down.

Don’t forget to ask about Enduroshield coating, with a ten-year coating guarantee, it will save so much time on cleaning that it will pretty much pay for itself!

Who to call for glass pool fencing Perth

Secure the safety of your family and loved ones with glass pool fencing.

The benefits of glass pool fencing are tried and true and there’s a Clear Choice in glass pool fencing Perth expertise, supply and installation.

Ready to experience the benefits of glass pool fencing Perth?

Contact Clear Choice Pool Fencing today to see for yourself.

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