If you have an existing swimming pool or are planning on building one as part of your renovation – fencing is an absolute must.

Some homeowners in Perth however, face the dilemma of not wanting to make the commitment to a permanent fence due to matters such as aesthetics or inconvenience. No need to worry! There is a very simple solution for this, and that is temporary pool fencing.

As Pool fencing providers in Perth, particularly those who install temporary pool fences in Perth, we have explored the favourable reasons people opt for a temporary pool fence for this Perth home.

In this article, we have highlighted a few of the benefits of this versatile alternative, for you to explore.


Temporary pool fences work with your Perth property


No matter whether your property is on a slope or flat surface, the area is narrow or wide, the installation is required on grass or concrete, temporary pool fencing works just about anywhere, under numerous circumstances. This provides comfort in knowing that no matter what the landscaping conditions are, safety measures can still be put into place. Some of our clients opt for a temporary pool fence for this reason alone, as their pool is so uniquely shaped, that building a permanent fence around it would ruin the backyard’s aesthetic.


Do you have a climber? No problem, nothing a temporary pool fence can’t fix


Kids will be kids, and if you have a toddler that is climbing everything, having a pool can be quite unnerving. However, it doesn’t have to be. Amongst the vast options of temporary fencing types and styles, is a mesh alternative. This particular design has very small holes, making it unfeasible for even the most gifted of climbers. Something as simple as a non-climbable fence is enough to eliminate the daily stress of the kids getting into the pool area unsupervised.


A temporary pool fence is simple to set up and remove


This system is very simple to set up and remove once it has been professionally installed. Depending on which style you decide to have for your swimming pool will determine the time spent on assembling and dismantling. Either way, the methods are all extremely easy and straightforward. The convenience of being able to put up and take down your pool fence, of your own accord, ensures a more ideal landscape for entertaining. Talk about versatility! Having a temporary pool fence is comforting as well, as it comes with self-latching gates, instilling a greater level of security.


You wouldn’t even know it was there


Ultimately, it comes down to the system of pool fencing you select, as to how much drilling is required during installation. Whilst you may desire a removable fencing system, the aesthetic of small anchors after disassembly, may not be an issue. However, if you don’t want any evidence of a pool fence at all there are free-standing bases that are effective and leave no trace, once stored away.


No day is the same with a temporary pool fence – they accommodate to every occasion

On occasion, it is nice to enjoy your backyard with a scene, free of obstruction. From one day to the next, you can simply choose to have a pool fence or not. It is this level of flexibility that is so appealing to pool owners. Safety is of course a crucial matter, but when you have the chance for an open backyard minus the hassle, you are really getting the best-case scenario.


Temporary pool fencing is a sure alternative to fulfil your landscaping requirements. It is safe, flexible, and very convenient. If you are interested in having a temporary system installed, get in touch with us today, and our friendly team will be happy to help. Speak to our team about our supply and install services.

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