Frequently Asked Glass Pool Fencing Questions Answered 

Over the many years that we have been providing glass pool fencing solutions to our clients across the Perth metro area, we have been asked many questions about our services and the products that we use to give you the best possible fencing solution for your pool area.

We have compiled the questions that we get asked most, and have listed them below to help you. Simply click or tap on a question to view the answer.

If you have any other questions glass fencing that we have not covered here, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 1300 766 533, or send us an enquiry using the simple contact form on this page.

Does The Glass Pool Fence Comply With Australian Standards?
All of our styles of pool fence have been designed so when it is installed correctly they will comply with Australian standards for Pool Fencing.
Does The Glass Pool Fence Comply With Local Council Requirements?
Local Councils follow the Australian Standards 1926.1 (1993) and all of our installations will meet this standard.
What Height Is The Glass Pool Fence?
The standard height requirement is 1200mm. Our fences have a finished height of approximately 1250mm. In some circumstances, you may need to have a greater height to conform to Australian standards. We can advise on this once we have been to the site. Also, you can always check with your local council.
How Strong Is The Glass?
The glass is Clear Toughened Safety Glass. The glass is made to Australian Standards AS/NZ 2208. It is very strong and impact resistant. If in the highly unlikely instance a piece of the glass does break, it will do so, into many small and therefore less harmful pieces.
How Safe Is The Gate On The Glass Pool Fence?
The gate exceeds the Australian Standard. Our Pool Safety Latch is positioned in such a way that it is extremely hard for young children to gain access to your pool.
How Easy Is The Glass Pool Fence To Install if I choose to DIY?
The fence will come with full installation instructions. With basic tools and a little handyman experience you will be able to easily install our fence. For those who are scared by the mere mention of the word instructions, we do also offer a professional installation service in most Perth suburbs, we are based in the Joondalup / Wanneroo area but are happy to work from Yanchep to Kalamunda to Mandurah and everywhere in between.
What Do I Get With My Glass Pool Fence, Pool Fence Kit?
You will receive – all Posts or Spigots, Toughened Glass Fence Panels, Toughened Glass Gate, Hinges and hardware, Magnetic Pool Safety Latch, Glazing Rubber or D Brackets depending on style, Post Caps and Post Dress Rings. We will also email installation instructions. You can also hire the tools that we use for installation to save yourself reinventing the wheel.
What Size Is The Gate?
Our standard gate for frameless is 800, 850 or 900mm wide in 12mm glass. For semi-frameless the gate is 800 with an opening of 825mm wide. A standard door opening in a house is 820mm.
Why Do You Use A Powder coated Finish On Your Eco semi frameless Posts?
Powder Coating is one of the most durable exterior finishes available. It is used on many metal and aluminium items which are exposed to the weather. Powder coating is the best way to ensure durability, weather resistance and colour retention. The finish is applied as a powder, electrostatically and baked in an oven. In effect, the outside layer of the Aluminium post fuses with the melted powder forming a hard, weather-resistant finish. If the coating is damaged, you can simply touch it up with a spray pack.
What Colours Can I Get My Fence In?
Our standard colour is Precious Silver Pearl, however, for a small additional cost you may choose almost any colour.
Can The Glass Pool Fence Be Attached To A Timber Deck?
Yes. The posts will require special bases attached to them to facilitate attachment to the timber decking. This, however, is less recommended as timber is not as reliable as concrete as a base for your fence. In many cases, you can form a concrete footing under the deck to allow standard core drilling and grout fixing.
Can The Glass Pool Fence Be Attached To Concrete And Tiles?
Yes. Holes need to be core drilled through the tile and concrete. The posts are then fastened into these using a special high strength cement based grout.
Can The Glass Pool Fence Go Into My Garden Bed Or Lawn?
Yes, put in concrete pads and then install as per tile & concrete. We always recommend a solid base under the length of the fence due to the Australian standard for pool fencing you wouldn’t want a pet to be able to dig under the fence.
How Long Will It Take To Get My Glass Pool Fence?
Depending on your location and fence requirements, you can expect delivery of your DIY pool fence from 2 to 7 working days from when the order is placed. 10 working days is our normal delivery time. For Installation this varies, but is mostly about a 10 to 20 working days wait. If we get enough notice we can usually come in within a day of your required timing.
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