There are many different ways to construct and install a pool fence. Whatever method and material you choose, remember it needs to be compliant to the strict Australian pool safety regulations.

Because why would you install a pool fence that isn’t safe?

Want to learn more about 4 common types of pool fence installation types?

Find out what each style brings to the table with the Perth pool fence experts at Clear Choice Pool Fencing.


Mesh pool fences

Mesh pool fences were originally utilised and popular way back when for commercial spas and pools to prevent children from entering the pool area.

When properly designed and installed, mesh pool fences ensure children can’t climb on to, crawl under or successfully open the fence.

You’ll struggle to find many Perth pool fence companies offering mesh, as there’s better quality alternatives available on the market.


Ornamental pool fences

Ornamental pool fences are chosen by some pool owners because of the flexibility in different materials and design capacities.

They can be constructed and installed up to 6 feet high, however, 4 feet high ornamental fences are preferred to enhance airflow and provide better supervision by adults.

Ornamental pool fences are often constructed with lightweight, but strong gates which work well to minimise hardware wear and tear.


Semi frameless glass pool fences

Semi frameless glass pool fences are the more affordable option to glass pool fencing.

When you choose semi frameless glass pool fence construction and installation with Clear Choice Pool Fencing, know that you’re getting quality high-grade, powder-coated aluminium.

Semi frameless glass pool fences ensure you can still unlock the ‘wow factor’ and beauty of glass on a more economical budget.


Frameless glass pool fences

Glass pool fences are the most widely used, loved and requested type of pool safety fence installation.

There are plenty of reasons why. Let’s define them:

  • Combines elegance with a modern touch
  • Provides the seamless impression of more space in your outdoor area and poolside
  • None of the materials interfere or compromise your view for added peace of mind, and
  • The glass used is stronger than you would ever think!

Did you know that glass pool fences are so easy to clean and cheaper to maintain? Metal fences can rust and require special care and coating products. Wooden fences are prone to rotting.

Glass on the other hand can withstand all seasons and weather conditions without adverse effects.


The Clear Choice for Perth pool fences

Seeking a new pool fence for your new pool or poolside renovations? You will find the perfectly secure and stylish pool fence to suit your needs at Clear Choice Pool Fencing.

With only high-quality, strong and durable materials allowed, our expert team ensures you receive a beautifully built and installed pool fence.

Want to take the reins? We have all the advice and materials you need for DIY pool fencing, too.


In need of a type of pool fence that will tick all boxes pertaining to safety and style?

Contact Clear Choice Pool Fencing today to discover why glass pool fencing is the most sought-after Perth pool fence.


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