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4 tips to maintain a beautiful glass pool fence

Glass makes such an impact inside the home from mirrors and splashbacks to full-length windows and frameless shower screens. It makes sense then, that glass is just as impactful in your home’s back (or front) yard.

Glass pool fencing is proving time and time again a favourite way to add style to properties.

Want to know 4 easy ways to maintain a beautiful glass pool fence? Read more from the glass pool fence specialists at Clear Choice Pool Fencing to find out.


To DIY or not to DIY?

That is the question. Whether you choose to DIY or hire a professional glass pool fence company for supply and install is entirely up to you.

Choosing to DIY?

Choosing not to DIY?

Whatever route you choose, a beautiful glass pool fence that’s safe and functional is always achievable.


Regular, easy cleaning and maintenance

Small fixtures and fittings in your pool fence can build up with dirt and grime over time.

However, a simple solution of warm water and mild dish soap can do the trick to keep your glass pool fence sparkly and clean.

Take a look at our how-to-guide for cleaning glass pool fences for further, straightforward tips and tricks.


Be smart with the surroundings

Glass pool fences should be a combination of style, functionality and safety.

So, while it should not only look beautiful and stylish, your glass pool fence should help keep everyone (particularly children) safe.

How to ensure this:

By implementing the above, you will enjoy peace of mind as well as clear, unobstructed views of your pool area.


Ensure your glass pool fence is made to last

It would be such a shame to have an attractive glass pool fence installed, only for its glass railings and blocks to crumble.

About once a month, examine the brackets and supports of your glass pool fencing to ensure it’s withstanding the elements.

Clear Choice Pool Fencing have the advice and services you need to maintain a beautiful glass pool fence.


Need glass pool fencing in Perth?

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