Glass pool fencing is a pretty and popular choice that many Australian homeowners are choosing around their pools. Not just a pretty façade, glass pool fencing in Perth provides a much-needed barrier to enhance safety, and also gives parents and guardians optimised vision to keep a watchful eye over inexperienced swimmers. 

So, now you know why you need glass pool fencing, what should you know before installing it?  

Read more from the glass pool fencing Perth experts at Clear Choice Pool Fencing to find out. 

1. Know your pool size 

You may be updating your existing pool fence, or perhaps putting in a brand-new pool.  

Either way, nice work, because you’ll only be increasing the desire for outdoor pool relaxation or splashing around fun. 

However, before you get caught up in the new project and installing glass pool fencing in Perth, it’s important you know the size of your pool. 


  • The bigger your pool area, the more glass pool fencing you’ll need. This will affect budget. 
  • Devise a pattern or glass size that complements your pool shape and size. 
  • For example, a large pool could benefit from some height. 

It’s always nice to have an open, unfenced area near your pool, however safety is still the most important. Talk to the glass pool fencing Perth specialists if you’re at a loss on glass pool fencing design ideas or are itching to get started.  

2. The height of your glass pool fencing 

The height of glass pool fencing around your pool adds to exterior design, but also of course, peace of mind, too. 

That’s why height is another consideration to make before installing glass pool fencing in Perth. 

For example, 3-foot-high glass pool fencing makes sense for smaller pools, whilst up to 5-foot-high glass pool fencing looks seamless for large, outdoor pools.  

3. Is it for an indoor or outdoor pool? 

Will your Perth glass pool fencing be servicing an indoor or outdoor pool? Generally speaking, many Australians have outdoor swimming pools due to our temperate, but hot weather. 

Thankfully, glass pool fencing: 

  • Requires little maintenance, and 
  • Looks great in both indoor and outdoor pool settings. 

Swimming indoors or outdoors is made possible with glass pool fencing in Perth  

4. Style requirements 

It’s often assumed glass pool fencing is popular because of its transparency and simple design. 

While this is true, there still exists differing styles for glass pool fencing in Perth. 

For example: 

  • Some homeowners prefer stainless steel clamps or something else that is base mounted, and core drilled,  
  • Whereas others prefer frameless glass pool fencing in Perth for unobstructed pool views. 
  • Glass thickness can range from half an inch to a few inches, but of course, should be sturdy enough to hold adult human size weight without giving way. 

The style requirements are up to you, the safety requirements though, are guaranteed by Clear Choice Pool Fencing, the glass pool fencing Perth specialists. 


Need glass pool fencing in Perth?  

Contact Clear Choice Pool Fencing for superior glass pool fencing products and service. 

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