So, you’ve been dreaming about elevating your current swimming pool in Perth for ages now. You know that it needs some sprucing up, but you are unsure where to start.

After mulling over it, you decided to make a move. You need your pool to be both aesthetic and safe, and have come to the realisation that you need a pool fencing contractor.

With that being said, when scoping the Perth pool fencing market, you don’t know how to decipher the right choice for your Perth home.

Don’t worry, we here at Clear Choice Pool Fencing have devised a list of top 4 questions you should ask your pool fencing contractor in Perth to ensure they are the right fit for you.

Here is our list of questions, that you can have handy when sending emails and making phone calls.

  1. “Are you licensed and insured?”


First thing’s first, is the contractor you are considering equipped with the right paperwork and license. Furthermore, are they insured, should something go pear-shaped? When hiring a Perth contractor for your pool fence, you should check to see they have a license to do so and can be held liable if accidents or injuries happen.


Our team at Clear Choice Pool Fencing are completely licensed, qualified and insured – an added peace of mind for you.



  1. “Can I please see your past pool fencing projects?”


They say a picture paints a thousand words, so why not ask your contractor to see the proof in the pudding. Take a look at their professional pool fencing portfolio and see firsthand how their craftsmanship has come to life. Even better is if your Perth pool fencing contractor can show you some testimonials from past clients.


You can actually read our testimonials here.


  1. “How well does you and your team know the regulations around pool compliance?”


As a pool owner, you may be experiencing issues such as failing at pool fence inspection. Like with every industry, the pool building and fencing world has its own set of regulations and compliance parameters. An experienced pool fencing contractor will know the ins and outs of WA’s regulations, and will ensure your pool is compliant with council rules.


  1. “What sort of timeframes will I be looking at?”


A good pool fencing contractor will have processes in place to ensure streamlined efficiency when delivering their handy work. Check to see their current availability, they capacity to onboard your work, and get insight into their process, timeframes and ability to execute your project needs. An experienced pool contractor will give you the details you need to feel confident in taking the steps forward.


Ready to ask us these questions plus more? We are here to answer them. Speak to our team of Perth pool fencing contractors who want to ensure your vision for your luxury Perth swimming pool is brought to life. We want to ensure your outdoor living space is a haven through the warmer months, and is of course – SAFE! Speak to our team today.

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