An Australian backyard and a pool in summer go together like vegemite and toast for breakfast. 

When it comes to your backyard, it’s always a good idea to consider how to optimise your outdoor pool area for safety, functionality and beauty. 

Want 4 landscaping ideas to motivate you to enhance your backyard pool area? 

Read more from the Perth glass pool fencing experts at Clear Choice Pool Fencing to get inspired. 


  1. Simplify your setting 

You may have so many budding ideas, but simplicity always excels. Less is more in many settings, including your Australian backyard. 

If you spend too much time taking care of your plants, how will you possibly have enough time to relax in and enjoy your pool? 

Here’s how to simplify your landscape: 

  • Utilise plants that don’t need constant pruning, trimming or fertilisation. 
  • Low maintenance plants can easily sustain and enhance your backyard pool area. 
  • Don’t overcrowd the area, give them plenty of room to breathe and grow. 
  • Avoid grass near the pool as mowing could lead to plenty of unwanted debris in your pool. 

Perth glass pool fencing is all class and a great way to simplify your setting. 


  1. Beware of the bees 

Bees are relatively harmless little insects (unless you’re allergic) that are crucial for biodiversity and global pollination. However, you don’t want them around your pool. 

Flowers are, of course, attractive in almost any pool setting, but it’s best not to have flowers directly next to your pool. It will make relaxing and swimming nearly impossible because of bees and wasps. 

While you’re at it, don’t plant flowers, shrubs and cacti with thorns near the pool area either. 

Here’s how to keep bees away from the pool: 

  • Research and plant flowers that deter bees, 
  • Use citronella candles around the pool, 
  • Don’t leave food or beverages uncovered around the pool area – or use screen covers, 
  • Avoid bright colours and floral patterns, and 
  • Attract bees to a far away, separate section of your garden. 

Bees are fantastic overall, but they’re the unwanted pool party guests you can uninvite with clever landscaping. 


  1. Comfort central 

Pools bring comfort, relaxation and a bit of fun to backyards.  

You can add even more comfort with comfortable seating around the pool – think lounge chairs and deck chairs with cushions. 


  1. Safety and sophistication with glass pool fencing  

Landscaping is important for all Australian backyards with pools, as is pool fencing. 

Clear Choice Pool Fencing are the experts of all things glass pool fencing Perth, providing: 

  • Simply stunning glass pool fencing that’s under budget, 
  • Professional service that includes a free measure and quote, and 
  • All your temporary pool fencing Perth needs, too. 


Truly enhance your backyard with these 4 landscaping ideas and don’t forget the superior safety, simplicity and sophistication that glass pool fencing in Perth brings. 

Need pool fencing in Perth?  

Contact Clear Choice Pool Fencing today for all your pool fencing Perth needs, from gorgeous glass to tough and temporary. 

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