A pool fence is much more than a safety barrier (and legal requirement) for pools and spas in Australia. You might already have an idea of the different makes, models and materials of pool fences available on the market.
But how are you to really know how to choose the right one to safely and stylishly serve you now and in the future? Yes, the perfect pool fence exists – the one that is the perfect blend of safety, strength and style.
Read more from the Perth pool fence experts at Clear Choice Pool Fencing for 4 considerations to make before choosing a pool fence.

1. Aesthetic appeal

Keeping safe doesn’t have to look like an impenetrable fortress. In fact, aesthetic appeal of pool fencing is widely considered by homeowners and builders alike.
Pool fences are proving time and time again an attractive way to add value to an already value-adding pool and/or spa.
Here’s what to consider:
• Choosing a pool fence that will blend seamlessly into your background
• Choosing a glass pool fence due to their discrete and unassuming presentation, yet incredibly strong and safe capacities.
When you choose a pool fence, you will be pleasantly surprised at how style and safety go hand in hand – especially when it comes to glass pool fencing options.

2. Durability

A pool is (or at least should be) made to last. So, installing a legally compliant, durable pool fence to match the pool’s lifespan is recommended, as well.
What to consider in terms of durability:
• Metal and glass pool fences are regarded as the best options when it comes to durability
• Be careful who you rely on to build and install your pool fence
• If you’re planning to DIY your pool fence installation, seek the right advice and materials for the job, first.
Don’t forget the importance of safe, durable locking mechanisms, too. Safety is paramount in and around the pool. Gain peace of mind for your children’s and pet’s safety with safe, well-maintained locking mechanisms.

3. Maintenance requirements

There’s a handful of Perth pool fence types on the market, all of which come with differing maintenance requirements.
Ask yourself how willing you are (and realistically you will) spend, both time and money wise, on your pool fence maintenance.
Fortunately, steel and glass pool fences are incredibly straight-forward to take care of with simply a bucket of soapy water, followed by a hose down.
Find out more about comprehensive, yet simple methods to cleaning glass pool fences here.

4. Materials

Similar to the durability consideration, your pool fence should ideally be as strong as they come.
Exposure to water, the sun and other weather elements and chemicals can affect some pool fence materials more than others.
Talk to a trusted Perth pool fence company about the recommended materials based on your requirements.

Looking for a high-quality, safe and affordable pool fence?
Look no further than the trusted Perth pool fencing company – Clear Choice Pool Fencing.
Contact us today to find the right pool fence for your style needs.

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