Backyard swimming pools are the epitome of summertime fun.

There’s really nothing better when it’s hot, getting friends and family together and having a splash around or laze around in the refreshing water.

It’s important though, that you keep safe, and that’s why legislation regarding pool fencing exists and is applicable to all outdoor Australian backyard pools.

But what about when your pool is under construction, or a proper fence isn’t installed yet?

Read on to find out about all things temporary pool fencing Perth from Clear Choice Pool Fencing.


The advantages of fencing your pool area

Fibreglass pools and concrete pools have different requirements. Where fibreglass, on the day of installation, are often filled with water, concrete pools may take a while longer.

What’s not negotiable though is a pool fence be it only a temporary one to a permanent safety fixture.

Besides the fact that a pool fence is law, regardless of city of council you reside in, there’s other advantages to temporary pool fencing in Perth.

Here’s some of them:

  • Keeps children (and pets) safe and off the construction site,
  • Stops the anxiety of accidents occurring in and around the pool,
  • Ceases unwanted visits or fines from your local Shire or Council,
  • Prevents injury due deep holes and/or uneven soil,
  • Easily manoeuvred by trades people,
  • Temporary pool fencing fits any pool or spa shape or size, and
  • Doesn’t mark or damage brick paving or decking.

With these advantages and reasons, there’s absolutely no excuse to not opt for temporary pool fencing Perth, when a fully-installed and permanent pool fence isn’t ready yet.


The Clear Choice for temporary pool fencing Perth

Clear Choice Pool Fencing not only provide effortlessly stylish and affordable glass pool fencing and frameless glass pool fencing in Perth, but temporary pool fencing, too.

What does a temporary pool fence look like at Clear Choice?

  • Panels that are 2300 x 1350 high, and comes with
  • Plastic orange block feet and joiner clamps.

As always, please contact us to find the right temporary pool fencing Perth solution (set, hire, buy, duration etc.) for you.

Why are we the Clear Choice for temporary pool fencing Perth?

  • We offer affordable monthly rates for our temporary pool fencing, and
  • A special rate for clients who get frameless glass pool fencing from us.

Hire or buy direct from us and DIY, temporary pool fencing Perth is the wise decision whilst you await paving, landscaping and your permanent glass pool fencing.


Easy, affordable and safe temporary pool fencing Perth

A Clear Choice temporary pool fence is quick and easy to install involving no digging holes or foundation laying whatsoever.

Not confident in doing it yourself? Don’t worry, we can install it, too.

A Clear Choice temporary pool fence is the safe answer now, so you can get a permanent pool fence soon and start enjoying summer pool time fun in no time at all.



Need help with temporary pool fencing in Perth?

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